What is The Sacred Reiki Attunement?   

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The Reiki Attunement is a gift of empowerment, a blessing of personal transformation from Spirit, the Source, God, Goddess, or however you identify pure, ultimate Consciousness.

The Reiki Attunement is a ceremony that celebrates the personal decision to resonate with the “frequency” of pure healing Reiki energy to bring health and balance to all aspects of the lives of those treated.

The recipient is attuned (initiated) with a certain frequency of Reiki energies corresponding to a certain level of Reiki learning.

During the attunement ceremony, the Reiki Master/Teacher performs a set of special procedures on the recipient using Reiki and/or non-Reiki symbols, depending on the method of attunement chosen.

Also, the attunement ceremony determines the purification and harmonization of the recipient’s energy field, as well as the unblocking of the chakras and energy channels. Because of this, after attunement, the recipient will feel more energized and positive in life.

Immediately after the award ceremony, the recipient is able to proceed with self-healing or offer healing to others.

After receiving the initiation, it is even recommended that the recipient begin self-healing and provide healing to strengthen healing abilities.

The attunement process is very simple and very easy to receive and lasts 7-20 minutes depending on the attunement method chosen.

Essential is the students’ intention to receive the attunement and the teacher’s intention to give them the attunement.

For each level of Reiki learning, a Reiki attunement is required.With each attunement, your connection to the Reiki energies is strengthened.

The attunement can be done in person or at distance. The Attunement in person presupposes that the Reiki Master and the recipient (client) are at a short distance from each other so that the Reiki Master can touch the recipient with his hands.

A distance Attunement presupposes that the Reiki Master is not near the recipient and cannot touch the recipient with his/she hands. In this case, the Reiki Master performs the Attunement ceremony at his/she place (with the intention that the Attunement be received by the recipient) and the recipient receive the Attunement where he/she will be.

Without the attunement nobody can’t be a Reiki practitioner because didn’t get attunement with a certain frequency of Reiki.

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