How To Create a Thriving Reiki Practice

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Create a Thriving Reiki Practice

To Create a Thriving Reiki practice seems like a rather laborious process that tends to become simpler as you implement certain tips based on the experience of the Reiki Masters.

Running a successful Reiki practice is very useful for those you treat and at the same time helps you to perfect yourself from a spiritual point of view.

Leave the ego aside and remember that you are only a channel for healing

The healing process will not work or will give poor results if the intention to heal is based on the egoic feeling that you are the one who heals.

Such an approach will generate tension and energy blockages inside the healer, and the flow of Reiki energy will be blocked or will be significantly reduced and the healing will not be effective.

Always remember that you are only a healing channel through which the Reiki energy flows, and the intention to heal will have to be based on this aspect.

By doing so, you will instantly become aware and amplify the flow of Reiki energy, and the results can be even beyond your expectations

Drive away the negative feelings, transcend and be above them

Never start a healing process if you are overwhelmed by negative feelings because the flow of Reiki energy will be significantly diminished and in addition, you can transmit negative energies generated by those negative feelings to the client.

Buddha said: You are what you think. In other words, everything that you manifest is the result of the thoughts and emotions that you generate in your mind. For this reason, it is very important to be very careful about your feelings and thoughts.

When you feel that you are engulfed by negative feelings, banish or transcend immediately manifesting a state of kindness or love without an object.

If you feel it is necessary, you can do a short meditation in this regard in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Also, meditations with the first or fourth Reiki Principle give remarkable results.

First Reiki Principle: Just For Today I Will Not Worry.

The Fourth Reiki Principle: Just For Today I Will Be Kind to My Neighbour and Every Living Thing.

Remember: Respecting the Reiki Principles is one of the keys that help you To Create a Thriving Reiki Practice.

Set a clear and strong intention

As you have learned since the first Reiki course, intention is essential in the healing technique.

The clearer and stronger the intention of the healer, the greater the effectiveness of the healing procedure.

In order to achieve an objective, a clear, strong and continuously manifested intention is always necessary to be focused on the respective objective.

Remember: a confused intention, expressed weakly and not focused on the objective pursued, does not give satisfactory results.

Also, in order to show a clear intention, it is necessary to establish a clear objective. In this sense, you must wisely conceive a suitable phrase that reflects your intention to reach the respective objective in the shortest time and in the most efficient way. And you say this phrase mentally several times before starting the Reiki healing techniques.

Have Confidence in Reiki Energy

Remember: Reiki energy is an unlimited source of healing energy, guided by the highest Wisdom. For this reason, we must strongly believe that the Reiki Wisdom helps you with the healing work.

Practice Self-Treatments Every Morning

Practicing self-treatments every morning will keep you healthy and strengthen your connection with Reiki Wisdom, which will significantly increase your mental clarity, power of concentration and healing intuition.

Also, such a daily practice will increase your inner strength, which will give increased efficiency to your daily actions, so it will also increase the effectiveness of Reiki treatments.

Practice Reiki treatments on others as much as possible

For beginners especially, practicing Reiki treatments on others as often as possible will develop your Reiki healing skills and increase the effectiveness and quality of your Reiki treatments.

Therefore, it is important both for you as a healer and for your clients to have as rich a Reiki healing activity.

By following these simple tips you can quickly Create a Thriving Reiki Practice.