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By initiating Reiki level 1, an energy channel of healing is opened for you, of a certain frequency that allows you to heal with the palms and how to treat reiki, in person, other people, plants, animals, certain situations, etc.

At the same time, you learn to direct reiki energy wherever it is needed, to materialize a project, to harmonize a relationship to achieve success and success in everything you want to do, in harmony with the Universe.

At Reiki level 2 you learn to draw and how to use the first 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols.

By initiating Reiki Level 2, a higher frequency, healing energy channel is opened for you, which allows you to make the healings mentioned in Reiki Level 1 more efficient and in a shorter time, using the 3 Reiki Symbols.

In addition, by initiating Reiki Level 2 you will be able to send Reiki energy at distance in space, but also at distance in time (in the future or in the past).

At Reiki Level 3 you learn to draw and how to use the Sacred Reiki Master Symbol.

By initiating Reiki Level 3, an energy channel is opened for you, healing, with an even higher frequency than the one from Reiki Level 2, which allows you to make the healings even more efficient and in an even shorter time, using all the 4 Traditional Sacred Reiki Symbols.

Also, by initiating Reiki Level 3 you will be able to offer Reiki Level 1, 2 or 3 Attunements to others.

In addition, you will be able to offer Reiju (empowerments) to the Reiki initiates.

To be a Reiki master means to follow the spiritual path, it means a continuous improvement.

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