Schumann Resonance – The Miracle That Improves Our Lives 

Schumann resonance refers to a group of very low frequencies of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. These frequencies are generated by lightning discharges in the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

This phenomenon was predicted by the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952.

Specifically, electrical discharges during storms produce very low frequency electromagnetic waves that create electromagnetic resonance in the cavity between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This phenomenon is constantly maintained, especially by tropical storms.

It should be noted that such low-frequency electromagnetic waves can also be produced by the movements of rocks in the depths of the Earth and can predict an earthquake that would follow in a few tens of minutes.

Also, low frequency waves can be produced by extraatmospheric phenomena such as solar flares, nova or supernova explosions, meteor showers, etc.

Experimentally, were found values of 7.83 Hz, 14.3 Hz, 20.8 Hz, 27.3 Hz and 33.8 Hz for these resonant frequencies. But the predominant value was 7.83 Hz.

These values may vary slightly when the height of the ionosphere changes due to the speed of air currents at high altitudes.

Experimentally, it was found that there were 3 maximum values of these frequencies during a day. A maximum corresponds to the tropical storms in Southeast Asia.

After 5 hours there is another maximum corresponding to tropical storms in Africa, and after another 6 hours, there is another maximum corresponding to tropical storms in South America.

After 13 hours, the cycle of highs resumes.

As it is known, the frequency of brain waves is also of the order of Hertz. Therefore, a variation of Schumann frequencies influences the activity of the human brain and therefore the activity of the whole body because the body is controlled by the brain.

Also, a perturbation of brain activity leads to changes in the psyche and therefore, our decisions, behavior, relationships with others will be influenced. And ultimately, will be influenced karma.

The human brain emits five types of brain waves (frequencies): Beta (12-30Hz), Alpha (7.5-12Hz), Theta (4-7.5Hz), Delta (1-4 Hz) and Gamma (30-100Hz).

It is observed that the predominant Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz falls within the frequency range of Alpha waves emitted by the human brain.

Exposure to the frequency of 7.83 Hz makes it easier for the individual to enter and maintain the Alpha state. It is obvious that in order to have an effect, the individual must sit or lie down in a pleasant and quiet place.

In the Alpha state, there are cycles of brain waves with frequencies between 7.5 and 12 Hz and the person is in a state of relaxation or daydreaming (dreaming with open eyes).

Alpha-frequency brain waves positively influence imagination, memory, learning, visualization, and concentration.

Also, in the Alpha state, a process of generalized restoration of the whole human being begins.

Thus the body’s functions slow down and the rate of destruction of DNA chains and telomeres decreases. As a result, fewer cells die and the speed of an individual’s aging is reduced.

The 7-8 Hz frequencies represent the boundary between the Alpha and Theta frequencies and are best suited for the development and use of the creative power of the mind.

For example, the creative power of the mind can be used in the sense of self-healing.

To significantly enhance healing, it is recommended to use Reiki treatment while in the alpha state induced by listening to a piece in the basic Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz.

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