After you pay, use contact form and list the name of the person you would like us to send Reiki, Country, State, City, the illness or situation you are concerned about. You may also briefly list thedetails. Please enter in the contact form the email associated with the Paypall account with which you paid.

In the case of animals, please let us know which species and subspecies it belongs to, as well as the breed. Or in short, for example, in the case of dogs – Siberian Husky.

The recipient of the treatments will be added to our list as soon as we receive the form and the treatments will start the next day.

A distance Reiki treatment presupposes that the Reiki Level 2 Practitioner/Master is not near the recipient and cannot touch the recipient with his hands. In this case, the Reiki Level 2 Practitioner/Master performs the Reiki session at his/she place with the intention that the treatment be received by the recipient and the recipient receive the treatment where he/she will be.

A Level 2 Reiki practitioner will perform Reiki treatment using 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols (called the first 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols). He will also use other Level 2 Reiki symbols if he deems it necessary.

A Reiki Master will perform the Reiki treatment using 3 Sacred Level 2 Reiki Symbols plus the Master Reiki Symbol. The intensity and effectiveness of a Reiki treatment performed by a Reiki Master are higher.

By paying for the product / service and / or submitting the contact form, you confirm that you acknowledge that all sales are made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and all other provisions set forth on the site that you have accepted. by entering and continuing to browse our site.The results may vary.

We’d also love to hear about the results of your healing experience, so please use the same contact form to let us know of any improvements or other experiences you may have.


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