Collective Reiki meditation for peace in Ukraine

Collective Reiki meditation for peace in Ukraine

All those who want to establish and maintain peace in Ukraine can perform a Reiki meditation in this regard, being supported from a distance by the Reiki Masters.

The more people involved at the same time, the stronger the effects of meditation.

Start time for maximum efficiency: local time (Kiev, Ukraine) 6:45 or 4:45 GMT. But one can start meditation at other times as everyone can.

Recommended duration: 30 minutes daily. But those who wish can continue meditation for up to 2 hours daily.

Reiki Masters and Level Two Reiki Practitioners can apply Reiki treatments remotely to the territory of Ukraine using known Reiki techniques and symbols.

To increase the effectiveness of meditation, it is advisable to let this Reiki video run.

For those who are not Reiki practitioners, read here how to proceed.